Table Tennis Blades

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How to choose a table tennis blade?

Table Tennis Blades

• The first step is to pick a table tennis blade based on your style of play. Luckily most will state the type of style on the package or face of the blade.

• Offensive blades generally are heavier and faster wood. These are ideal for those that want to finish the point with power.

• All-around blades are medium in weight and have more touch. This is the prefect choice for players that like to control the table and pick their openings.

• Defensive or slower blades are lighter and sometimes oversized (for greater hitting area) for play off the table.

• Once you have the style of play question answered you then need to choose the type of handle.

• The type of handle is totally a personal choice. Choices are: straight, flared, concave or anatomic. Penholders usually choose from Chinese or Japanese style. The handle should fit comfortably and feel balanced in your hand.



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