How to change your table tennis rubbers?

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How to change your table tennis rubbers?

How to change your table tennis rubbers?

1. The first step is to remove the old table tennis rubber. Begin by peeling up the edge of the rubber. Once the edge is lifted up a bit, place the cotton swab (dipped in fingernail polish remover) between the blade and the rubber to help dissolve the glue.
2. Gently pull the ping pong rubber off the blade in one direction while continuing to apply the dipped cotton swap.
3. Once the table tennis rubber is completely off, do the same to the other side and take the sandpaper and remove any left-over glue on the face of the blade.
4. Open up the new sheet of rubber and apply one thin layer of glue to the sponge and on one side of the blade. Make even brush strokes and don't miss any spots.
5. Let both dry and then give the rubber an additional light and even coat.
6. Pick up the rubber by the side edges and gently lay it flush against the edge of the handle. Make sure not to trap any air bubbles in. Use the small rolling pin (or any type of cylinder) to gently roll the rubber firmly onto the blade.
7. Cut the excess rubber with the scissors along the edge of the blade.
8. Open up the second sheet and repeat steps 4 thru 7.
9. Place the heavy stack of books on top of the racket for a couple hours to ensure a level glue job.



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