Preassembled Paddles vs. Custom Paddles

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Should I choose a pre-assembled paddle or one custom-made paddle?

Preassembled Paddles vs. Custom Paddles

Buying one of recreational pre-assembled ping pong paddles will offer you a quality racket at an inexpensive price. It will also help simplify the buying process as the rubber is already assembled to the racket, so there is no need to spend time studying the blade and rubber charts finding the right racket and rubber combination. Recreational preassembled paddles are ideal for intermediate recreational players, the player trying a sponge racket for the first time or inexpensive rackets for the kids. One thing to keep in mind when ordering a recreational paddle is that the rubber is not meant to be removed from the paddle. When the rubber needs to be replaced, it's time to toss the old racket and buy a new one. If you prefer, you can pick the blade and rubber combination that is best suited to your unique style of play. This is known as a custom made racket. Our expert staff will assemble the racket for you free of charge.



6/30/2007 7:54:29 AM
Jason said:

Just want to warn readers that even though there are some good premade options please dont buy one off the shelves of your local sporting goods store. These have most likely been sitting in a warehoure or on the shelves for much longer than the life of the rubber. Your best option is to go online to a place like paddle palace and find a premade option. The best way to go if your are a serious player is with a blade and rubbers that you assemble yourself.


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