How to serving long ball?

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How to serving long ball?

How to serving long ball?

• There is a particularly good pattern for serving long to most players. Try these two combos:
• Serve long to the wide backhand, and following with an aggressive shot right back at the wide backhand;
• Serve long to the middle (opponent's playing elbow), and follow with an aggressive shot right back at the middle.
• In both cases the opponent will often be caught moving back into position after the first return, and will be going the wrong way when you make an aggressive shot right back to the same spot.
• When serving to the wide backhand, it helps if you can serve a sidespin serve that breaks into the opponent's wide backhand.



9/21/2006 12:59:05 AM
Anand Janakiraman said:

Assume the opponent is strong to whom you are serving or following this startergy. What kind of problems will the server face? If the server experiences some unexpected return from the opponent, how to face or tackle such situations?


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