How to play a player with long pips out ping pong racket?

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How to play a player with long pips out ping pong racket?

How to play a player with long pips out ping pong racket?

Don't let them attack. Long pips can only attack against backspin, or sometimes against a short and weak topspin or no-spin ball. So keep the ball deep, and usually either put no spin on the ball (and so get a no spin ball back) or give topspin (and so usually get a slower backspin ball return).
Take a step off the table, and return with a topspin drive of some sort. By backing off the table, you have time to react. By putting topspin on the ball, the ball arcs onto the table, and stops the long-pips player from attacking with the long pips again.
Stay at the table, open your racket, and be willing to lose a number of points as you get used to this.
Play against players who attack with long pips in practice as often as possible until you get used to it.



6/22/2006 4:29:40 PM
Kent Leung said:

I am a long pips player and recently winning the over 70 and over 60 in the Golden State Open on California in My 27-2006. I like to attack both backspin and top spin by using the wood cutting stroke leart from Dr. Neubauer's CD from Germany. The reason I use LP is because I am slow and can not see clearly (as the effect of over 70 old age) for top spinning,or the on coming ball with any kind of spin.

My game is to return the ball ASAP so my opponent does not have time to react. I will return the ball closed to the net when you are steping back from the table. I find my game is particlly suit to win over player with slow looping game. I am happy with the ball going back and fouth to give me exercise and enjoyoing the fun of winnig too.

Kent Leung

8/12/2009 11:26:14 AM
Mark said:

I think Long Pips should be outlawed, or just let them play each other.

I never even see long pips until a tournament, cause no one in our club plays with it. Then some guy gets up with long pipps and the ball just doesn't act like anything I've ever seen. I might as well forefit every match and stay home.


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