Table Tennis Rubbers

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Which Table Tennis rubber is right for my style of play?

Table Tennis Rubbers

• Much of the overall speed of your table tennis racket is determined by your ping pong blade. The table tennis rubber, while contributing to the speed of your racket, will primarily function as your source for spin. All table tennis rubbers can be grouped into five different categories. They are:

• Inverted - Inverted table tennis rubbers are able to generate tremendous spin due to their tacky surface. Great for all styles of play from the all-out attacker to the most defensive minded chopper. Inverted is the most versatile rubber type.

• Short Pips - Short pip ping pong rubbers are an inverted sheet of rubber turned upside down. The space between the pimples will help to take some of your opponents spin off of the ball. This will allow you to aggressively attack your opponent's shots regardless of the oncoming spin. Short pips are great for hitting, blocking and returning serves. However, they are unable to produce as much spin as an inverted sheet of rubber.

• Long Pips - Long pip table tennis rubbers are generally used by players who rely on their opponents to make mistakes. The composition of long pip rubbers is similar to short pip rubbers, but the pips are taller. When your opponent's ball contacts this surface, the taller pips are easily bent, REVERSING the oncoming spin. This will keep your opponent guessing as to what type of spin is on the ball.

• No Sponge – No sponge table tennis rubber features a short pips top sheet with the absence of sponge. Still adept at nullifying spin, no sponge rubber will produce sharp, crisp strokes with significantly less spin and at a much slower pace.

• Anti – Anti-spin ping pong rubber is an inverted sheet of rubber featuring a very slick top sheet with a “dead” sponge layer. The resulting effect is a rubber sheet that is excellent for blocking, returning serves and great for changing the pace. For those that rarely use both sides of the racket during play, anti-spin rubber would be ideal for the backside. Your opponent will generally find himself confronted with a ball with little rotation, or a ‘knuckle' ball. This generally will lead to a ball that you can easily attack. A great addition to your arsenal.



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