Ping Pong Paddles Handly Style

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What handle ping pong paddles style should I choose?

Ping Pong Paddles Handly Style

• Many table tennis blades come in different handle styles. The shakehand models are:
o Shakehand Flared handles (FL) also called concave are the most popular. They allow a loose grip with less risk of the racket slipping out of the hand during play than with straight handle rackets.
o Shakehand Straight handles (ST) are the second most popular type of grip with players of all styles and are more popular with defensive type players.
o Shakehand Anatomic (AN) or "double flared handles have the widened end of a flared handle with a second wide part in the middle.
• The Penhold models are:
o Japanese Penholder (JP) With the Japanese style the other fingers are fanned out behind the blade for maximum forehand power.
o Chinese Penholder (CP) With the Chinese grip the non-index fingers are curled around the handle for greater ease in adjusting the racket angle and therefore better control and backhand play.
• Which handle style is right for you is strictly a personal preference.



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