Ping Pong Racket "Feel"

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What does the “feel” of a ping pong rackets mean?

Ping Pong Racket "Feel"

The game of table tennis is very much a game of feel and each wood type has its own unique feel that is inherent to the wood. Therefore, we have provided you with this vital piece of information. The “feel” is measured by the amount of response or sensation the racket provides at the point of impact. A racket with a ‘hard' feel will not offer much response. A ‘medium' feel will have a noticeable response while a ‘soft' feel will have the most. From a performance standpoint, a ‘hard' feel is great for hitters and power play. A ‘soft' feel is great for blocking and generating better spin, as the ball remains on the racket longer. A ‘medium' feel is the most prevalent and offers the best of both worlds. It is suited for all styles of play.



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