What weight of table tennis rackets good for me?

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What weight of table tennis rackets good for me?

What weight of table tennis rackets good for me?

• WEIGHT-Most table tennis blades weigh between 70 and 100 grams before rubber is added. As with a tennis racket, golf clubs or baseball bat, the ideal blade weight for you is based on style and strength.
• Light Blades-(under 77 grams) allow quickest racket acceleration. They provide a higher ratio of spin to speed. Medium to very fast light blades are favored for quick attack styles (topspin close to the table play).
• Medium weight blades-(77 to 89 grams) balance some of the extra power and solid feeling of the heavier "power" blades preferred by many combination attacker/blockers, with some of the advantages of lighter blades.
• Heavier weight blades-(over 90 grams) are often more stable when hit off center and once accelerated, produce a higher speed to spin ratio for topspin attacking shots.
Fast, heavy blades-have the greatest power producing potential if accelerated to maximum speed at ball contact.



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