Caring For my Ping Pong Racket

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How can I provide proper care for my ping pong racket?

Caring For my Ping Pong Racket

Your racket should be protected at all times as the rubber will naturally begin to deteriorate once in use. Dirt, dust and oil will accumulate on the surface during play. It is necessary to clean your rubber during play as well as after each playing session. Specially formulated cleaners and a sponge will rejuvenate your rubber surface and prolong its life span. Protective film will add a layer of defense from the air for your rubber sheets. A racket case will reduce the amount of time your paddle is out in the open and exposed to the elements. The additional padding will also help cushion the blow, should you happen to drop your racket. By all means, keep you racket away from heat. The interior of your car and anywhere your racket will come in contact with direct sunlight are places you should certainly avoid.



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